When picking an agent to represent you, you want someone who will employ all means possible to get your home sold at the best price in a reasonable amount of time. 

Here are just FIVE STEPS that we take in the process to sell your home:

1. Staging and Photography

We work with the best of the best in the industry. Our amazing Stager works with you to help with anything from a few minor decor changes to a fully staged design. Pat, with Georgia Home Staging, is so awesome that she stages homes on HGTV's Flippin' in the South!

Next, we bring in one of our skilled photographers. The photographers that we work with not only take pictures of the rooms in your home, but they really capture life within your home. This helps a potential buyer picture themselves actually living in your home. Along with these pictures, there may be some add-ons like stunning twilight photos, breathtaking aerial shots, or local attractions.

2. Prospecting

With over 8,000 buyers in our database, we are able to filter down to buyers who are actively searching for homes in your town and your price range. Within hours of your home being listed, we hit the ground running! We contact each buyer prospect to tell them about your home and work to get them  in for a showing. We start making calls to your neighbors to let them know that we are selling a home in their neighborhood and to keep their eyes peeled for anyone who may be looking. It's not uncommon for us to personally call 100-300 neighbors while hunting down a buyer. 

3. Facebook Marketing 

We thrive on Facebook. Our ads stand out to anyone scrolling through their Newsfeed. We showcase the beautiful photos of your home along with catchy taglines in order to captivate any potential buyers. We combine video slideshows and elegant descriptions of the details of your home. A Facebook post about your home can reach upwards of 20,000 potential buyers! Plus, our Facebook audience will share your home's ad with their friends, this way, we are employing the entire Facebook audience to help find a buyer for your home. 

4. Wonderful Things Blogs 

A home is so much more than hardwood floors and bathrooms; it's a lifestyle. Who is better equipt to tell the world about your home, than you!  A Wonderful Things Blog is a great way for you to share the things that you find wonderful about your home! This is just another way to show the lifestyle of your home to help a buyer visualize their life in your home. We work with you to create a gorgeous blog post that will be shared on our website as well as our Facebook page. 

5. Appraisal Assistance 

The appraisal process can one of the most stressful steps in selling your home. The fate of the sale is in the hands of a third party appraiser's opinion. This is where we step in. We create an "appraisal packet" to assist the appraiser. This helps improve the chances that your home will be appraised at the correct price and in a timely matter. 

These are just 5 key things out of 151+ STEPS that we take to sell your home.

If you would like to see the complete list,
let us know