Taking the steps to buy or sell a home is a very scary thing. The stress associated with such a big move is considered to be one of the more substantial aggressors in life. 

The Connie Carlson Team has a current total of 5 agents on the team. Each agent hopes to give any and all of our clients the most successful and smoothest experience they’ve ever dealt with in the Real Estate world.  To help achieve that goal, any Agent or an Agent’s Contract to Close Coordinator will take a few of the following tasks up to get a contract to the closing table.  In short, I make sure everything comes together so everyone can meet at the closing table.  I am the detail-oriented processor that ties everything up into a nice package with a bow. Here is a little of what I do to help you sell or buy a home:

-       Obtain and Review Contract for deadlines, missing signatures, contingencies, special stipulations, etc.

-       Review all documents to make sure they are in compliance with the main office requirements.

-       Rectify missing things, organize, make sure all parties (lender, loan processor, attorney, selling agent, listing agent, clients, etc.) are on the same page. 

-       Enter contract into DotLoop (System to show we have a legal contract to the main office staff).

-       Make sure the Earnest Money is turned in, correct, and deposited.

-       Enter deadlines into Agent Calendar, keep everyone on track with deadlines, including the Client and special stipulations.

-       Schedule the closing.

-       Connect with the Lender, Get a Lender update one a week to make sure everything is on track.

-       Send out my “See You at the Closing Table” email to all parties, connecting everyone and making sure all information is correct and exposed to all parties.

-       Send and finalize all documents to all parties.

-       Help finalize Appraisal Packets for the appraisal 

-       Pull together Closing Packets

-       Make sure everything is on track for closing, remind clients of what to bring to closing, send a “Week Before Closing” email to all parties, and check on Final Walk Through

-       Obtain the Closing Disclosure for the Selling or Listing Agent to review and then turn over to the client.

-       Obtain sign and lockbox via notification to our Runner.

-       Change database status, update FMLS, GAMLS, DotLoop, ShowingTime, etc. after contract closes.

-       Process the Closing Disclosure and turn it closing to Keller Williams

-       Make myself available to anyone else in the office that needs more administrative duties performed.

If you have any more questions or want to hear a more detailed account of what is done to make sure our client’s have a tiny bit less to worry about, feel free to reach out to the Team to see how our Home Buying and Selling experiences are one-of-a-kind.

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