Today, we're going to go over something very special that you can do in your life to get some amazing benefits.

So what is this one thing? It's easy to focus on what you want in the future, but studies show being more grateful for what you have right now is the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Here are five tips to practice gratitude:

  • You can find some great quotes on Pinterest. Put pictures of your family where you can see them. Maybe add Post-Its to your bathroom mirror, so you see it every morning.
  • This is the most popular way to practice gratitude. Write down five things you are grateful for either every day or once a week. It doesn't matter how often you write in the journal. The key is to be consistent and sincere. Make it a ritual if you feel the need to.

  • You can write it, text it, or post on social media. You don't have to thank people for anything specific. Sometimes, just thanking someone for their friendship makes their day! It can make your day, too.
  • Be thankful for what's happening around you right now. On your drive to work, you can say three things you're grateful for. It can be as simple as being thankful for making a stop light.
  • At Thanksgiving, it's common to go around the table and have each family member say what they are thankful for. Try this exercise every day. If you have a child who had a bad day at school, this exercise can help them find the blessings in their bad day.

Practicing gratitude is a small thing you can do to improve your life. If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!