Today, I’m talking about real estate scams. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and the National Association of Realtors released a report warning buyers about a particular closing scam. With this specific scam, hackers withdraw home buyers' money from their bank accounts.

This might frighten you at first, especially since I’ve heard it come up in the Atlanta area. If you’re a buyer, you might receive a last-minute email asking to follow different payment instructions. This message is likely sent by a hacker with their checking account information. They found your email address from infiltrating local Realtor’s or closing attorney’s Gmail accounts.

If you give them this personal information, they have the power to drain your account. Be careful and don’t send this information through email! If you’re buying a home, work with a closing attorney and real estate agent that has security in place.

Call and confirm if anybody sends you an email requesting money. They shouldn’t be asking you in this fashion, but instead, sending this request in a more secure way. Beware!

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