Thanks for joining us again today on the latest edition of Coffee with Connie. Today we have Abby Hood and Dia Wall with us to discuss the importance of getting Pre-Approved for a mortgage loan. In a fast-paced market such as the one here in Cobb County, we suggest that you reach out to one of our preferred lenders and start the pre-qualification process. This means that the lender has checked your credit, your stated income, and has taken a look at your debt-to-income ratio. This is a great starting point for all of our buyers.

The market is so competitive right now that sellers often won't even consider your offer if you haven't been pre-qualified or Pre-Approved. When getting Pre-Approved, you actually bring in your tax documents and employment records to the lender. This will also give you a leg up on people who have been pre-qualified. If you start out by getting a pre-approval, then you've already jump-started your loan process and sellers will be extremely happy to see this as you make offers on properties. It essentially puts you on the same playing field as a cash buyer.

We're always happy to refer you to some of our preferred lenders!