Marie uses her personal experiences and knowledge to help with your real estate needs! 

Want to learn more about Marie? Check out our interview with her!

Why did you decide to join the real estate industry?  

I started personally buying, renovating, and selling homes at twenty years old so I wanted to help others buy or sell properties. I also had planned to retire to the 30A area of Florida so I thought real estate would give me a good second career.

What sets you apart as an agent?

I am truly able to completely “visualize” a before and after scenario of any home due to my personal experience of buying, renovating, and reselling properties or building homes from scratch. The ability to walk people through the endless possibilities of any property give me an edge over other traditional agents that don’t have those experiences.

What is your favorite thing about helping someone find their dream home?

I love knowing that they are trusting me to assist with the single most expensive purchase most people will make in their lifetime.

How do you spend your free time?

I stay pretty busy parenting two awesome teens that I chauffeur to many activities around East Cobb. In addition, I love to travel, dine at cool restaurants, and read books! I love to read real books, not on e-readers, so that I can feel the real paper pages and underline my favorite or profound lines I find in the writings. I feel that the books are valuable personal possessions after I’ve read them and made notes in them.

What is your favorite local activity?

Seed, Drift, and Zeal are three of my favorite dining places in East Cobb.  I also like to check out festivals around the metro-Atlanta area.