I have been asked by many of my friends as they approach moving and closing day, “What are some things that people should do that they often forget?”

 To that end I came up with a list of some simple tips for things to do (and not to do) just before buying a new home:

 1.    Movers: People often shop movers until it is too late to get a good one for a reasonable price.  Get one lined up early!

2.    Utilities: Make sure to call and have the power, water, gas ready to go.

3.    Locksmith: Change out the locks yourself or have a pro do it.

4.    Home services: TV, cleaners, lawn care.  Let them know you are moving.

5.    Repairs: If repairs are part of the contract, have them done in enough time so as not to mess up closing day.  If it is to be done after, make sure they are done in time for your move in.

6.    Baby/pet-sitter: Try not to bring kids to closing.  They distract you from getting very important info at closing.  Also, don’t let your pet sit in the house you are selling and potentially make a “mess” of the sale.

7.    Food: Just like at a weeding, you are usually too busy (and packed up) to cook a meal for a day or three after closing.  Have some restaurants or delivery menus handy so you don’t go hungry.

8.    Credit cards: Don’t open new credit cards or buy things on credit right before closing.  Nothing worse than new furniture with no house to put it in.

9.    Bank accounts: Don’t move money around between accounts or borrow money from anyone or get paid back a personal loan just before closing. 

10. Pay your bills!  A late bill payment could lower your credit score and keep you from getting the loan necessary to buy your home.

11. Stay put!! Don’t leave town and be unavailable.  Lender’s often need additional information right before closing. 

12. Don’t quit your day job!!!  A change of jobs will likely ruin your home purchase.

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