The highest priced home for sale in the Atlanta area is located at 4665 Riverview Road in Atlanta and is currently listed for $48,000,000.  The highest priced home that SOLD this year is located on Paces Ferry Road and sold for a whopping $17,500,000.
If you consider that the median sales price in Cobb County was $236,000*, the individual who purchased the Paces Ferry Road home could have purchased nearly HALF of the 138 homes that sold in Cobb County** (in the $200k to $250k price range).  OR they could have purchased 4,700,000 Chick Fil' A sandwiches.  Now that's A LOT of chicken!

The median days on market* in Cobb County was 22 days.  That means it took 22 days from the time the listing went live on the market to an offer being accepted.  Last year the median days on market was 25 which means that homes are selling even FASTER than last year.
At Live Love Atlanta our track record blows away the market.  In 2016, the median days on market for our listings was 12.5 days.  This means we sell homes 43% faster than the market.  Wow!

The median price was $105 per square foot*.  This represents an 8.3% increase in the price per square foot over last September.  The price per square foot is one of the best indicators of EQUITY appreciation.  I really love THIS CHART which illustrates the steady climb in prices over the last 5 years.  This is great news for Cobb County property owners.

There were 3374 homes sold in Cobb County in the 3rd Quarter.  This represents a 1.8% DECLINE over last year.  There were 4298 new listings put on the market in the 3rd Quarter.  This represents a 2.2% INCREASE over last year 3rd quarter.  So, what does this mean???  
When the number of homes coming on the market outpaces the number of homes selling over a continued period of time,the market will SHIFT from a Seller's Market to a Buyer's Market. At Live Love Atlanta we are seeing that homes priced under $350,000 are selling VERY quickly and, oftentimes, with multiple offers.  Conversely, homes priced over $500,000 are lagging on the market longer than they did the last couple years.   We are definitely watching what happens over the next six months in all price categories.

his is the number of HAPPY Clients that Live Love Atlanta has helped buy or sell so far this year.
At Live Love Atlanta our mission is to provide EXTRAordinary service so that at some point during the relationship you say, "Wow! That was amazing service!".  We deliver on that promise as evidenced by the over 90 Five Star Reviews we currently have on Zillow.  


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*as of September 2016 in Cobb County