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Marie Jordan

Marie Jordan

Real Estate Consultant

Marie McConnell Jordan grew up in East Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia. She is the daughter of two other Cobb County natives and is raising her children here, making it three generations on her father’s side and six generations on her mother’s side. Marie has seen VAST changes to Georgia’s landscape over the past 50+ years, especially in Cobb county. Marie has remained true to her home state, living in the metro Atlanta area most of her life, with exceptions of going to college and when she lived in Bradenton, Florida for two years. Marie feels that Georgia truly gives the best of everything: great weather from the mountains to the beaches and is one of the friendliest and most economical places to live in the world. 

Marie earned a degree in photography and an Associate of Science. She loves photography and worked in the field as a photographer and videographer after graduation. She LOVES TRAVEL! Marie loves beaches most of all and has visited most of the Caribbean islands along with other countries on a quest for the BEST beaches.

As the oldest child, Marie was expected to do many chores before leaving for school every morning and complete more chores after school. Marie grew up watching her father’s dedicated work ethic, either on his land or at his jobs. Witnessing his attitude towards responsibility influenced her to make a vow to work hard at whatever task is at hand. She works diligently for each person that entrusts her to assist in their real estate needs, especially since this is the most important decision or the most expensive purchase people will make in their lives. 

Marie is more than experienced in assisting with real estate needs or envisioning how a renovation or new home will look when completed. She has been buying, renovating, and reselling properties herself since 1986. Long before the HGTV shows made it a popular thing to do, she was working at owning then selling the houses! Marie has lived in most of them while doing the work. She’s renovated six homes plus, designed or modified existing plans to build six homes from the ground up.

Marie is willing and able to go beyond expectations, no matter what. Marie is dedicated to helping clients find the perfect home solution for their needs. She is fully committed to providing the highest level of service to each client as well as for co-op agents she works with on transactions. Marie decided to join LIVE LOVE ATLANTA in 2016 because of the broker’s professional track record and giving spirit. Live Love Atlanta provides a level of service that matches Marie’s.

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