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Lindsay Baird

Lindsay Baird

Real Estate Consultant

Growing up here in Marietta has given me so much more passion for my job as a realtor helping families find homes here, this is home to me and my kids and I find joy making others feel at home here as well. 

I have always worked in a service driven job and feel that it says a lot that I have walked away from each career in each stage of my life with lifelong friends. Twelve years after being a bartender I am still in touch with a huge amount of my regular families, 3 years out of the dental field and I am still in touch with many of my past patients and co-workers and two years into Real Estate and I have made relationships with each of my clients I have helped over the years.

I am a  mother of two kids my son Turner is 8 and my daughter Bailey is 13, my real estate business has become such a huge part of their lives as well, they are always checking out new listings or showing me homes they want me to list.  Pursuing my dreams to become a Realtor has been everything I've dreamed of and more. 

Being a quality agent is so much more than showing pretty homes, and emailing over an offer, it's hard work, it's hours and hours of paperwork and negotiations, it's being available at all times to my clients and at the end of the transaction when my clients get the keys to their new home every bit of that is a true BLESSING. 

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